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AMAGNO-DMS (part 3 of 3)

In the third and final part, we will discuss the legal security and versioning of AMAGNO. As well as the various possible applications thanks to cloud or on-premise installation. We will also explain the simple price model.

Legal certainty and versioning

Legally compliant versioning and archiving: The traceability of the history of documents, permanent electronic archiving and protection against manipulation is a very important aspect of daily document management for companies. According to the legislator, companies are obliged to prove exactly how a document entered the company and also how a document left the company. Changes must be fully documented by versioning. AMAGNO 5 carries out automatic versioning and directly displays version differences in content. Automatic versioning: Protect documents from simultaneous changes by other people by editing documents. Automatic versioning saves different processing statuses for over 100 file formats. So everyone knows when and how a document was changed by whom. This complies with legal standards (e.g. ISO, DIN) and ensures revision security. Electronic archiving AMAGNO enables manual and automatic archiving of documents. The desired archiving period can be freely selected. It is also possible to round off as required at the end of the year. During the archiving period, it is not possible to delete or change the document. This prevents intentional or unintentional manipulation. Compare versions directly: In over 100 file formats, text differences are highlighted in colour in the version comparison. This allows direct comparison of different versions without having to open the document. It is directly visible which changes have been made. Securely share content (externally) instead of sending data by email, it can be shared via secure web links. The file remains on your server and the recipient always sees the current version (e.g. of a price list, terms and conditions etc.) or a selected version. If required, links can be provided with passwords or expiry dates. You retain control even over externally shared data and its up-to-dateness.


Highest security for your data and documents: Knowledge is power. In the digital age, this refers in particular to the sovereignty over data in a company. You must be sure that your data is well and securely stored on your server or in the cloud. With AMAGNO, communication between client and server is automatically encrypted only. Even the data itself is stored by encryption to the highest standard.


Control explicit rights and control read access to content: Data security at the highest level AMAGNO meets the highest security requirements. Binary data is encrypted and distributed to various storage systems with specific key elements. It is not possible to read sensitive documents, contracts and recipes outside of AMAGNO. AMAGNO generates internal certificates of authenticity for its data in order to check data consistency and detect manipulation.

Comprehensive rights concept: Users in AMAGNO may of course only view and edit files for which they have permissions. The assignment of authorizations for users is based on a comprehensive rights concept. Even administrators can be excluded from particularly confidential areas such as human resources or sensitive projects.

AD/LDAP & Single Sign On: Through the connection to an Active Directory or LDAP system there is a synchronous logon for the users. If an employee leaves the company, access to AMAGNO is automatically blocked. Of course, employees can also receive log-on data explicitly for AMAGNO.

Encrypted communication: The entire communication between AMAGNO client and AMAGNO server is encrypted by default. By flexibly defining a password policy, you increase the security of user logins. Mobile access via browser is recommended via SSL.

Cloud or On-Premise

On Premise or in the Swiss AMAGNO Business Cloud: AMAGNO relies on the latest technologies and on proven Microsoft server and client systems. The conversion to AMAGNO and thus to a mature document management solution takes place without months of consulting effort and within the shortest possible time. Existing structures can be taken over for a transitional period on request to ensure acceptance by employees.

No matter when or where you work: With the AMAGNO client in the office or on the road with any modern browser. In-house or in the computer centre: You have the option of operating your own AMAGNO server in-house in your company. For this you require your own hardware with the appropriate Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server licences. The operation of a hosted server in the computer centre of your choice is of course also possible. Here you benefit in particular from the fail-safe features of a large data centre.

AMAGNO Business Cloud: The AMAGNO Business Cloud is hosted at Arcade Solution AG in Lucerne and offers users all the possibilities of a digital workplace. The shared cloud eliminates the cost of purchasing and operating their own hardware. This offers smaller companies in particular the opportunity to use an integrated document management solution and its advantages in a price-conscious manner. Fast implementation: On request, we will be happy to support you right from the initial phase by recording requirements for a precise picture of the necessary technical and professional prerequisites. Finally, you will receive a digital delivery of our software solution, whose installation and commissioning is completed within the shortest possible time.

System requirements: For the operation of AMAGNO, at least one Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or higher with Internet Information Server is required. Additionally AMAGNO expects a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (Express or higher) or more current. The AMAGNO client for Windows requires at least Microsoft Vista or more recent. For mobile access you need a current browser with JavaScript and SSL encryption enabled.

About AMAGNO: About the AMAGNO company: For over ten years, AMAGNO has consistently pursued the goal of creating the next generation office as a digital workplace. The modern digital workplace is available anytime, anywhere and on any device. The software is exceptional and therefore enjoys a high level of attention in the specialist and industry media. AMAGNO is a leader in the area of usability and user experience and has received several awards for this. The AMAGNO GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2010 as a challenge in the field of document management by Jens Büscher in Oldenburg.


With AMAGNO, processes can be made more efficient and the time wasted on hours of searching for information of all kinds is eliminated. Do away with large filing cabinets and archives and free yourself from wild folder structures. AMAGNO is a highly integrated solution without modules or quantity limitations. As a modern and innovative enterprise content management solution, AMAGNO clearly stands out. With a focus on automation, easy handling and flexible structures, AMAGNO convinces thousands of users in all industries. As a solution for efficient document management, AMAGNO stands out as a complete product without modules or quantity limitations. Transparency creates trust and overview!

It allows users to search documents of all formats, find files quickly using simple or advanced keyword searches, and display files as small icons, thumbnails, or large full-page previews. Furthermore, AMAGNO offers various options for importing and exporting single or multiple file types (e.g. PDF, XML, TXT, CSV, etc.).

Other key features of AMAGNO include functions for secure collaboration with complete version management for ISO conformity, drag-and-drop interface, document automation, bookmarks, server-side file import with and without metadata, granular user authorization groups, scanner and printer drivers, automatic metadata recognition, digital workflow management, annotations, digital stamps, handwriting and the ability to automatically import e-mails. Companies implement AMAGNO to prevent duplication, overwriting and unauthorized editing or deletion. AMAGNO also includes an integrated chat where users can collaborate on documents by making comments, sharing documents and much more. AMAGNO offers a tag structure to quickly find files and folders, an integrated SQL database connection to transfer data and a version management tool to ensure GeBüV, GDPR, ISO and GoBD compliance in digital workflows. Integration is available with other applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Sage, eGecko, Navision, Microsoft Dynamics, DATEV and others.

Simple price model

Those who want to use the solution for several users or for their entire data stock benefit from a transparent pricing model in the Swiss cloud with staggered rates. The flat rates per user and month include all functionalities and 3 GB storage capacity per user. Regardless of whether the license is for one user only or for 40 users: The entire scope of services of the ECM is always available for all users. Consulting and hosting in Switzerland.


Benefit now Swiss interested parties of unlimited free accounts with 300 MB storage capacity.


We offer you a free demo and consultation of 2 hours at your location!

Now it is even more worthwhile to get in. We will be happy to explain to you how the system works in detail and will be happy to give you a demo by appointment. If you are not able or do not want to introduce the system yourself, we support you with our knowledge of project management, analysis, organization and installation at your site. A phone call, mail or choose a date in your diary is enough! We are an official, certified AMAGNO partner.

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